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Ron Bartlett CMRS

 Consultant - Semi Retired

Based in Yorkshire


 My emphasis is on :

Retail Consumers and Market Analysis


I no longer undertake field research projects

I continue to do consultancy work




I have extensive experience in undertaking demanding research and analysis in a variety of market sectors.

I aim to deliver well thought out analysis in a cost-effective way, delivering value throughout the process.





I set up Bartlett Research & Analysis in 2009. having previously worked client-side as a Consumer Insight Director

Over recent years I have commissioned, designed and directly conducted a wide variety of research and analysis, including product development research, consumer in-store depths, as well as detailed sales analysis based on EPoS data.

Recent projects have been focussed on the retail channel, through in-store face to face depth interviews, exit and at-display surveys and sales analysis

Customer research has been undertaken in many of the major high street and grocery names on behalf of suppliers to those retailers

I am a Certified Member of the Market Research Society

Bartlett Research is a MRS Company Partner which guarantees research conducted to the highest standards of the MRS Code of Conduct




Desk Research

Companies are sitting on a mountain of data, very often filed away somewhere and never looked at. That research project undertaken two years ago, and filed away after the presentation, sales data going back years, etc.

Within that filed away data, there are often gems of information that maybe were not relevant at the time, or perhaps the significance was missed.

I have wide experience of undertaking substantive desk based research, utilizing published reports and client’s internal data to draw out implications for my clients.

I have undertaken a number of market assessments for customers, drawing on my experience across many markets, and preparing a report on the market of interest.


EPoS and Sales Data

I have in depth experience of using sales data, either ex-factory or the EPoS data you receive from retail customers, in drilling down into the data and yielding insights that will enable you to better meet real consumer needs.

By holding the data, and delivering to you small Excel sized bites on the key areas, you are able to act on the important elements without worrying about big databases, which no-one has the time to look at or understand.


Why use a consultant rather than a ‘big name’ company?

There are plenty of very good research and analysis companies. Unfortunately, very often they work in expensive offices in city centre locations.

Working from a home office, I don’t have expensive overheads or staff to pay.

I also don’t have junior staff, the person who looks at your data is me.

I can offer better value, and the continuity of the same pair of eyes looking at the information all the way through.

As a consultant I have no personal axe to grind, I aim to look at your existing research with new eyes based on wide experience gained over 35 years.

Ron Bartlett

Bartlett Research & Analysis
12 Harwood Close
Sandal, West Yorkshire WF2 6QY

Email Address:

+44 (0)7756 271441


Feel free to contact me to talk through your business issues, even if you are not sure if and what you want to do.

Using my wide experience, I can help you to formulate a research or analysis programme that really meets the objectives you have.

I can help you with anything from a day or two of consultant time to help clarify your marketing strategy, and if required, to put you in touch with and work with full service research agencies to gain an in-depth understanding of your consumers.

Or maybe you just need market assessment to help you understand your customers and competitors.

Contact me to see if I can help.




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